Surrogacy In Canada

It is legal to be a surrogate in Canada but there are some restrictions, mainly around compensation. The Assisted Human Reproduction Acts in Canada prohibits direct compensation meaning that surrogates cannot be paid for their services however they can be reimbursed for their related expenses. The specific expenses that can be reimbursed are outlined in individual legal contracts but some examples are outlined below.

Related expenses may include:

  • Gym/fitness memberships
  • Groceries and prepared food
  • Maternity clothes
  • Housekeeping
  • Childcare
  • Massage,chiropractor, foot care
  • Travel related to medical appointments
  • Lost wages (conditions apply)

Expenses that you would incur regardless of the surrogacy, pregnancy or donation (i.e. rent, mortgage payment, car insurance) are not reimbursable.

The 5 Steps of Surrogacy

The 5 Steps of Surrogacy

To begin your surrogacy journey with Fertility Match you will first need to contact us by email at or through our online contact form. You will then be contacted by a Fertility Match founder with more information, and after that the 5 following steps will begin.

Step 1-Application and Fertility Match Evaluation. You will first fill out and submit an application form so that we can learn more about you. The application form will ask about your lifestyle, pregnancy, medical and work history. It is crucial that you complete the application thoroughly and honestly so that we can get to know you and match you with the appropriate IPs. At this point we ask for relevant Surrogacy information such as medical records from all previous pregnancy. You will also be asked for a medical pre-screening which will include bloodwork, a pelvic ultrasound, and a psychological assessment. This can take a while to gather so you may want to call you your OB/GYN and request the records.

Step 2-Matching with Intended Parents. Once you are accepted into the Fertility Match family, we discuss information about possible Intended Parents as we build your custom match. This tailored approach is based on aligned values as well as personal, medical, psychological criteria. When everyone feels right with the selection, we arrange a match meeting to discuss all expectations during your surrogacy engagement. This is one of the most important and reaffirming steps in the journey together establishing an incredible connection between you as the Surrogate and your hopeful Intended Parents.

Step 3-Medical Work Up. Once you are matched, the medical screening process and legal process will take place. You will be meeting at the IVF Clinic with the Intended Parents physician who will speak with you in detail and perform a Surrogacy information assessment. The work up varies from clinic to clinic but often includes:

  • Vaginal ultrasound-a probe is inserted into the vagina enabling the technician to look at the uterus for polyps, scar tissue, and lining thickness.
  • Physical and pap smear.
  • Hysteroscopy-a procedure where a small camera is placed in the uterus to look at the uterine cavity
  • Medical instruction of the IVF cycle, injections, medication use and embryo transfer.

Step 4-The IVF Cycle. The IVF Nurse will give you full instructions and details about the surrogate medications needed, the medical protocol any restrictions, and expectations during the surrogate mother process.

In preparation for your uterus to receive embryos created by the couple you will:

  • Likely be asked to take estrogen and progesterone in either path, pill, suppository or injection form, You may be asked to take a birth control pill to regulate and sync your menstrual cycle with the intended mom or egg donor.
  • Have regular blood draws and ultrasounds to monitor the progress of the cycle
  • Have an embryo transfer where a small catheter is inserted into your vagina and through to your uterus. The embryos will be placed through the catheter and into the uterus for anticipated implantation.

Step 5-Pregnancy and Delivery. This pregnancy may be different from your own pregnancies in that it is conceived via IVF and requires a little more early attention.

  • You may be asked to have your blood drawn, ultrasounds or other procedures far more regularly.
  • There is a possibility of multiples that may require additional office visits, bed rest, or other monitoring.
  • This pregnancy is shared with the loving Intended Parents and therefore requires ongoing communication about the developing fetus, your health status, needs for support, or other matters.
  • You will be participating in surrogate mother support groups and events to assure all of your questions are answered.
  • Delivery is a very special time for all involved and we will work on creating a birth plan that will attempt to meet everyone’s needs.

We would love to discuss any questions that you may have on the process of Surrogacy. We’re eager to speak with you to discuss your interest, eligibility, and hopes for the perfect Surrogacy journey. Contact us through our Contact Request form or at, and we will get back to you shortly.

The Top 5 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor in Canada

The Top 5 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor in Canada

The Top 5 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor in Canada

There are several genuinely compelling reasons a woman chooses to become an Egg Donor. Egg Donation is a great solution for women who are incapable of conceiving with their own eggs.

A woman may not be able to conceive with her own eggs for a number of reasons. These issues may include:

  • Anovulation (Ovaries do no release eggs and can not be stimulated to do so)
  • Hormonal issues
  • Damaged ovaries
  • Premature menopause
  • Production of immature or deficient eggs

The discovery that her eggs do not work can leave a woman with the hope of becoming a mother feeling devastation and lost. Loosing the ability to have a genetic child is something that needs to be mourned and recognized as a significant loss.

However, once the dust settles, there is still hope in this seemingly impossible situation. That hope is provided by Egg Donors.

Here are 5 Key reasons to become an Egg Donor in Canada:

  • Helping those in need
  • Effect positive change
  • Learn about yourself and the process
  • Reimbursement for related expenses of $6,500 – $8,000
  • Raise awareness and become an advocate

Helping People in Need

This is possibly the most rewarding reason to become an Egg Donor. Imagine being able to help a woman or a couple that has just been told that are not able to conceive a child. For some people, becoming a parent is a lifelong goal, something they have always dreamed of. Being told they are not capable of doing so is devastating news for most.

Egg Donors have the power to turn this despair into hope. The Intended Parents you could be helping will be infinitely grateful to you for this incredible gift.

Effecting Positive Change

You will literally make a positive impact on the world. You will be helping to create a new family, which will have a lasting impact on those involved and society as whole. You will be helping bring equality to those that wish to have a child, but their situation doesn’t allow it.

Learn About Yourself

Egg Donation is a good way to learn some important things about yourself. Before becoming an Egg Donor, there are a series of tests your will need to go through to ensure you are a suitable donor. The results of these tests will give you information about your own fertility and other biological facts. You will gain some new knowledge about the reproduction process and your body in general.

You will also likely learn some things about your own character in the process. You may be surprised by your capacity for empathy and altruism.

Financial Compensation

Although it is illegal in Canada to profit from selling eggs, donors will be fully compensated for expenses incurred in the egg donation process. Related expenses compensated for Egg Donors in the Fertility Match program are $6500+ and include expenses such as time off work, childcare, pet care, prepared foods, housekeeping, note taking and other healthcare expenses.

Raise Awareness and Become an Advocate

One of the great benefits of Egg Donation in Canada is increasing the awareness of infertility in Canada. Roughly 1 in 6 couples in Canada are affected by infertility. In addition, there are all the homosexual couples and single aspiring parents that are not biologically capable of conceiving a child.

That leaves a large number of Intended Parents with no choice but to look for help from others. This is where the gift of an Egg Donor can help, assisting those in need and advocating for fertility equality for all!

To learn more about becoming an Egg Donor in Canada, contact our Fertility Consultants at Fertility Match Canada.  We have the experience and the compassion to help you make the right decision.

Fertility Match: Setting a New Standard for Fertility Consulting in Canada

Fertility Match: Setting a New Standard for Fertility Consulting in Canada

Fertility Match: Setting a New Standard for Fertility Consulting in Canada

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Fertility Match Canada, a lifelong dream brought to reality by the agency’s Co-Founders, Lisa Casselman and Liz Ellwood. Fertility Match is the first Fertility Consulting company of its kind in Canada, aiming to change the atmosphere of the third-party reproduction market for the better; this agency is grounded in the belief that Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors need to be optimally supported in their journeys to make families a reality, equally but in different ways.

The Co-Founders met in 2009 when Lisa was on her first journey as a Surrogate Mother (She has since delivered twins for two families) and Liz was looking for a surrogate. Although they never worked together, they became good friends and supported each other throughout the process. “We could be honest and supportive with each other about things that came up. If an issue arose, I could discuss it with Liz before bringing it up with the Intended Parents I was carrying for. And she could do the same with me to better understand her Surrogate’s perspective. We have been formulating how to use that dynamic to build the right Fertility Consulting structure in the Canadian market ever since” says Lisa.

While neither is a novice in fertility and third party reproduction field, Liz has spent her entire career working in the area since being diagnosed with cancer at age 24. In 2007, she founded Fertile Future, a national charity that has funded the fertility preservation of over 420 Canadian cancer patients to date, and provided information, Fertility Consulting and education to countless more. Multiples surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation left Ellwood unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy. And despite freezing her eggs, they did not thaw well. She would also need an egg donor. “It was a devastating blow, I grieved it and moved forward, like so many other to-be-parents we work with do every day when it comes to fertility. I now have a 5-year-old daughter via Surrogacy and Egg Donation. And she is the most beautiful thing in the world!” Liz plans on using this life experience to bring a more compassionate approach to Fertility Consulting in Canada.

The goal of Fertility Match is to provide parents-to-be with a holistic approach to Fertility Consulting to find their best matches: the right Surrogate, their ideal Egg Donor and the best fertility professionals to meet their unique needs; and then to assist all parties in navigating their journey from there. “We have seen firsthand the need for changes in the third party reproduction agency model in Canada. We are ready to facilitate that change.”  For more information about Fertility Match and their Fertility Consulting services we offer visit

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