Chantelle La Rue
Program Coordinator 

Chantelle La RueI am a fourth year student at the University of Ottawa studying communications and business. I began my relationship with Fertility Match through my involvement with on campus women’s organizations. I immediately connected with Liz and Lisa’s desire to create a positive experience for everyone involved in the fertility process and to put the Intended Parents’, Surrogates’ and Egg Donors’ well being above all else.

Women’s rights, particularly reproductive rights and access to information have always been issues I care for deeply and strive to protect. Through my initial conversations with Liz and Lisa I realized that myself and a lot of women my age are not fully educated on sexual health in relation to fertility, are not aware of the many different ways a family can be started and are not aware of the contributions they can make to a family struggling with infertility. I believe that this is important and valuable information for young women to know. By working with Fertility Match, I am able to provide women across the country with access to this information.

I have spent the past several years working in marketing and business development while simultaneously completing my degree. I have experience working with the federal government, start-up companies, large corporations, and not-for-profit organizations.

Contact Chantelle La Rue today for more information on coordinating events for our Egg Donor Programs:

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