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Mike Casselman

Mike Casselman

Surrogacy Personal Support Director

When my wife Lisa first came to me about being a Surrogate, I wanted to support her and be on board but I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to make sure my wife was going to be taken care of and our family protected through the process. At times I felt unsure about how to be the support system that she needed. These are common concerns for those who support a Surrogate through her journey.

I think Surrogacy is the most wonderful, selfless gift anyone can give. I also feel that even for a supporting spouse, partner, significance other, or family member, the journey can be just as fulfilling to them as well.

My goal is to make sure anyone in the role of support for a Surrogate in our program understands just how important their role is and how much a part of the journey and story they are. I understand this from a partner point of view and can guide a Surrogates’ support system through the journey, answering questions at every stage.

I want to make sure the support is aware of what to expect and how to support the surrogate and answer any questions or help relieve any of the concerns they may have.

Surrogacy is a family journey, creating a new one while enriching the experience of yours.


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