Be Someone's Miracle

Become a Surrogate mother and help make a family a reality! 

“I feel like I have been blessed with three healthy, amazing children and I would love to be able to help someone experience the joy of being a parent. I want to be able to look back on my life and say,”I did that”.

Fertility Match Surrogate

  • $30,000+ in related expenses are covered

  • Give the gift of life and feel empowered

  • Change the world of aspiring parents

  • Have all details of your surrogacy journey managed by experienced fertility consultants (no cost to you)

  • Experience Surrogacy in Canada working with Canadian Intended Parents 

Liz Ellwood & Lisa Casselman, Co-Founders

At Fertility Match Canada, we truly appreciate your consideration in giving this amazing gift to the aspiring families we work with. We respect each and every person’s unique concerns, challenges and questions and will help through your decision of becoming a Surrogate in Canada.

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Watching First Surrogate and Intended Parents Meet under Fertility Match

When I was a Surrogate Mother, one of the most exciting things was meeting my Intended Parents for the first time. We were already matched and had emailed and chatted on the phone numerous times. But meeting in person was truly like a first date. Everyone is nervous to meet the other party. The reality of the situation sets in. The Fertility Match journey is beginning.

I was honoured to be part of this excitement recently. Our wonderful intended parents T & J met their surrogate L and her family for dinner and I was there with my family. I can only describe this as a large (and loud) celebration. Like old friends coming together. There were lots of hugs and laughter. This is the joy of a Fertility Match.

This is the moment where and intended parent and Surrogate Mother bond begins. With this journey our warm, loving surrogate mother L wants her family fully involved. Her children are very excited for their mother to be the change for other people. L is not only giving an wonderful gift to T & J, but she’s being an incredible role model for her children. As I sat there watching T & J chat with L and her husband, I knew that their journey together is going to be an incredible experience for everyone.

This is our dream at Fertility Match.  To make this connection for couples in finding the right Surrogate or Egg Donor and changing lives in a positive way. It brings tears to my eyes even just thinking about what the future holds for so many intended parents who choose Fertility Match to help them with their journey.  Call us anytime if you have questions about our service. We’d love to hear from you.


Co-Founder, Fertility Match Canada

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