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Surrogacy Program Update

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Dear Fertility Match Friends,


After close to three beautiful years on our adventure into Surrogacy, the time has come for us to say goodbye to the program that started it all for Fertility Match. What began as a passion project for the two of us evolved into a truly amazing experience and inspired some incredibly beautiful partnerships to bring lives into the world. We are truly grateful we were able to be a part of these journeys. Working with our clients in this program, Surrogates and Intended Parents alike, has taught us even more about the true selflessness and beauty that is Gestational Surrogacy. 

So, it is with mixed emotions that we announce that we have decided to shift gears and focus on working exclusively on building families through Egg Donation. We want to thank the incredible people we have had the pleasure to get to know and allowed us into their lives. These experiences have empowered and educated us is so many ways. They have made us feel ready to make the decision to focus on something we know can be brought to a whole new level in Canada and beyond.

With love and respect, 

Liz and Lisa


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