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Egg Donation

A Truly Remarkable Gift!

You might be asking yourself: “Why should I consider Egg Donation?” For many aspiring parents, Egg Donation is the last hope they have for a baby. In fact, over 15% of couples in Canada who want children are not capable of conceiving on their own. You could be the answer to their dreams.

Most of the Intended Parents who come to us for Canadian Surrogacy or Egg Donation programs are extremely loving, compassionate people who desperately want to build a family. Here are some of the most common reasons Intended Parents come to Fertility Match for help and why you should consider helping them:

  • Heterosexual couples who are otherwise healthy, but have tried everything to conceive on their own. They have experienced exhaustive testing, countless appointments and some very difficult periods of waiting to hear positive results that never come.
  • Homosexual couples who want children, but the only way they can have a biological child is through Canadian Surrogacy or Egg Donation.
  • Couples where the woman may have gone through premature ovarian failure from a devastating disease like cancer.
  • Couples where the woman was born without ovaries and/or a uterus, and hence not able to have her own children.
  • Single women who never gave up on their dreams of having a child even if they did not meet a partner in time to have their own biological child.

All of these intended parents have one very important thing in common: they want to have a family more than anything. The gift of Egg Donation can turn their dream of having a family into a reality.

We truly appreciate you considering giving this amazing gift to these aspiring families. At Fertility Match, we respect each and every person’s unique concerns, challenges and questions and will help through your decision of Egg Donation. 

Qualifying Factors

At Fertility Match, Egg Donation is not taken lightly.  We want to ensure the healthiest possible people are providing eggs to our Egg Donation program.  Below is a list of criteria that must be met in order to be considered eligible.

  • Canadian Citizen with active provincial health insurance
  • 20-32 years of age
  • Non-smoker and no recreational drug use
  • Willing to undergo a background check
  • No tattoos or piercings in the past 6 months
  • Have not travelled ZIKA affected areas within the past 2 months
  • Overall Healthy with regular menstrual cycles
  • No significant genetic/hereditary illness
  • Must be willing to undergo psychological and medical assessments and provide medical history
  • No serious history of psychological issues
  • Have a BMI of 28 or below
  • Willing to travel to fertility clinic, lawyer and doctor appointments
  • Ability to take time away from work, family and other obligations
  • Willing to take fertility medications and withstand injections
  • Must not have had more than 5 previous egg retrieval cycles

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about Egg Donation.  We are here to help guide you through this process.

Egg Donation Process

  1. Complete the Fertility Match Contact Form or call us at 613-454-6010.
  2. You will be contacted by a Fertility Match Egg Donation specialist for an initial assessment either by phone or in person.
  3. Once your application has been approved your profile will be made available for intended parents to review.
  4. Once you are chosen by a couple as a desired Egg Donor, we follow a process of appointments and help you to track your related expenses for reimbursement.
Egg Donation

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