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Fertility Match

Intended Parents

Intended Parents

We are with you, every step of the way.

Egg Donation – it probably wasn’t Plan A. At Fertility Match, we know that, and we – being founded by an Intended Parent and a retired Surrogate – truly understand the emotions and challenges that have brought you here, and those that lie ahead.

However you’ve arrived here, we understand that this is a challenging time and process for you. At Fertility Match, we promise to provide you with compassionate, effective, and professional guidance at every step of your journey to your family.

Intended Parents

Qualifying Factors For Intended Parents 

We work with people who value the same things as us. We pride ourselves on our individualized, customized service, and we are looking for only those Intended Parents who value this approach and have the support and personal desire to make this a positive, successful experience.

  • You must currently be a patient and/or recently referred to an IVF clinic and/or have received medical advice that Egg Donation is warranted
  • You are pursuing Egg Donation due to age, sexual orientation, medical reasons, or marital status
  • You are willing to undergo a criminal background check
  • You have a good support system of family and friends
  • You have a sound understanding of the dynamics of third party reproduction and implications building a family will have on the child or children you create
  • You have a good understanding and willing to accept the financial cost and process that lies ahead with Egg Donation
  • You are willing to complete our Application Forms and Profile Tests for matching purposes

Intended Parents

Our Egg Donors are amongst the best and brightest young women in Canada

Our Fertility Consultants are, simply put, the best in the fertility industry. We know that quality is much more important than quantity – that’s why our team is so selective in every area. We take pride in attracting the best and brightest people in every regard. We are in direct, ongoing contact with clinics around the country and we work in a hands-on approach in every way. We know that our Egg Donors are unique, intelligent, beautiful women, and we take great pride and pleasure in getting to know every single one.

Our intensive Egg Donor screening process attracts the best and brightest young women to our program. We only select educated, intelligent women dedicated to making families a reality for Intended Parents across Canada. Our Egg Donor pool only contains women ready and eager to move forward with the donation process, helping you achieve your dreams faster.

We believe in finding the best people possible, and we will help you find an Egg Donor that meets YOUR criteria. We take the time to facilitate conversations, guide you through all your appointments and meetings, and ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed at every step of your journey.

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Contact us today for a Free Consultation with a Fertility Expert to discuss your interest in becoming an Intended Parent. There are no costs and no obligation to speak with us!