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Lisa Casselman


I am incredibly fortunate to come from a family of immensely strong women. My grandmother was the greatest woman I have ever known; My mother is my best friend. From a young age, I was taught how positivity and paying-it-forward was the way you should live life. I also watched my aunt struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss. Although I was young and didn’t understand everything that was happening, the pain I saw her experience impacted me greatly. Years later, when I learned about surrogacy as a teenager, I knew instantly it was something I could do for a couple struggling to conceive.

Liz Ellwood


I always knew I would be a mother. From a young age I can remember playing house with my older sister, putting dolls underneath our shirts and pretending we were ‘having babies’ and planning out the names of our future children. Like so many other women, my desire to be a mother was always there. My path to get there was not so straight though – life had some surprises in store for me.

Mercedes Cant


One of the most important things I was looking for in a company was ethics and humanity. I definitely found that in Fertility Match! I’ve always been passionate about health and family care, and having the opportunity to help people build their families is an amazing experience. I love working with such inspiring, kind, and selfless people every day – it shows me that there are so many good people just seeking out ways to help others!

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