Our Team

Liz Ellwood



Liz Ellwood founded Fertility Match after a decade of charitable work and personal hardship in fertility.  At the age of 24, Liz was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and was told that by receiving the required treatment to survive, she would never have kids again. The best specialists in the country were not able to provide her with any information on how to preserve her eggs or if that was even possible in advance of her treatment.

Heather Brooks, RN



I was 20 years old when I first saw on the news that Louise Brown, had been born into the world as the first IVF baby ever.  At the time I was a nursing student and I was fascinated with the new technology of IVF, but never thought that I would have to use that same technology to conceive my son 15 years later. After that experience, I was filled with a passion to help others that had to build their family using Assisted Reproductive Technologies. I have felt so privileged to be a part of other’s lives on such a personal level and to help them build their families as I know the joy that you experience after the intense journey of infertility.

fertility match Lacey Harris

Shannon Douglas


After 20 extremely rewarding and successful years as a Registered Massage Therapist, Shannon Douglas has joined Fertility Match Canada as our Account Manager. Shannon’s extensive customer service and health care professional experience ensures that she will provide support and facilitate your journey with us with respect, integrity and compassion.

fertility match Lacey Harris

Lacey Harris


Lacey joined Fertility Match after spending the past five years working for the municipal government while obtaining her undergraduate degree in Sociology. Her education and on-the-job experience allowed her to gain deeper understanding of the complexities of society and the adversities individuals can face from different walks of life. Lacey has an unwavering drive to positively impact the lives of people and our Egg Donors and Intended Parents alike enjoy her calm and cheerful demeanor throughout their journeys with us. As Fertility Match’s Bilingual Case Manager, Lacey supports both French and English speaking clients from match to the retrieval, and beyond.

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