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About Our Database

Our Egg Donor Database is the most sophisticated tool of its kind in Canada. With searchable criteria, you can filter profiles to see what’s most important to you in your Egg Donor. Our Egg Donor Application is extensive, and all the information that you need is pulled to create Donor Profiles that allow you to get to know the young woman giving you this gift.


Egg Donor Database

Our screening process is extensive and attracts educated, intelligent and dependable women to our program. Our Program Managers have one-on-one calls with each and every Egg Donor in our program to ensure they fully understand the commitment they are making. We also medically pre-screen Egg Donors in our program to ensure that they are fertile and eligible to donate before collecting fees from our Intended Parents.

“We believe in finding the best people possible, and will work to help you find an Egg Donor that matches your criteria”

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