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Meet the Founders

Lisa Casselman

Two-time Surrogate

Liz Ellwood

Intended Parent and Egg Donor Recipient

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Lisa Casselman and Liz Ellwood are specialists in Canadian Egg Donation in Canada. As a former 2-time Surrogate Mother, Lisa has a personal and in-depth knowledge of the industry and all the issues you are facing. Liz has been an intended parent and had a beautiful daughter through Egg Donation. Her personal experience, as well as her years of professional experience in the Fertility industry fuels her passion for delivering customized consulting for Egg Donors and Intended Parents.

Canadian Egg Donation has become a normal means of helping families grow, with more than 15% of Canadian couples requiring some form of help. Whether you are considering Canadian Egg Donation, or are a couple in search of the perfect fertility partner, we can help make your journey as comfortable as possible. Our approach at Fertility Match is to help you through your unique questions and challenges and ensure that your experience is a positive one to remember.

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