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Intended Parents


Will my Egg Donor know who I am?
All of our Egg Donors are Semi-Anonymous Donors or Open-ID Donors. This means that you will not know their identity and they will not know yours. However, any children born as a result of an egg donation will be able to contact the Fertility Match or their lawyer to access the identity of their Egg Donor once they turn 18, if they wish to. All of the Donors in our program have agreed to meet any children that results from their donations at this time. Donors are not able to reach out to any children born as a results of their donation. This process can only initiated by a child or children born from their donation.
Do I have to tell my child they were conceived through egg donation?
The vast majority of medical and psychological professionals agree that being honest with your child about their conception and genetic history is the best course of action. At Fertility Match, we believe in research-based practices, and the research shows that children who know from the beginning that they are Donor-conceived are healthier and happier than those who find out later in life. In our program, we emphasize the importance of telling your child about their genetic history.
Do you work with all kinds of Intended Parents?
We work with all Intended Parents who are seeking an Egg Donor due to medical, age-related, or relationship status-related reasons, as well as couples looking for an Egg Donor due to their sexual orientation.

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If you meet all of these requirements and we believe your profile would be selected by aspiring parents, you will be asked to complete additional medical and psychological testing to ensure you qualify to be a Donor.