Donating eggs to a family is an incredible gift. Because you are giving such an important gift to a family, there are strict qualifying factors to be an Egg Donor. While the criteria below are not exhaustive, they must be met to be eligible to be an Egg Donor. These criteria also exist to ensure your health and safety. Further testing will be required once you are accepted into the program to further access your fertility and eligibility as an Egg Donor.

    • Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident or International Student
    • 18-32 years of age
    • Non-smoker
    • No illegal drug use, must stop using marijuana once matched
    • Healthy, with regular menstrual cycles (when not using the birth control pill or an IUD)
    • No significant genetic or hereditary illnesses
    • No history of serious psychological issues (minor anxiety or depression is acceptable)
    • BMI of 30 or below
    • Willing to take injectable fertility medications
    • No more than five previous egg retrievals
    • Willing to provide a complete medical history
    • Willing to undergo psychological and medical assessments 
    • Pursuing or completed post-secondary education or equivalent work/life accomplishments


If you meet all of these requirements and we believe your profile would be selected by aspiring parents, you will be asked to complete additional medical and psychological testing to ensure you qualify to be a Donor.