Taking the first steps to become an Egg Donor is an exciting time! For most people, egg donation is a completely new experience, and the guidance of an ethical egg donation agency can make all the difference for a new Egg Donor – or someone who wants to donate again! Whatever Agency you decide on, here are four questions you need to ask – and how we would answer them at Fertility Match!

  1. What steps do you take to ensure your Egg Donor database is secure and private?

There are a few ways to ensure the security and privacy of your information. At Fertility Match, our Egg Donor database is secured in several ways. Technologically speaking, we ensure that we always have up to date security certificates as recommended by Google and other Internet security companies. This means that our database only opens secure sessions with users, so your information is safe with us. We also do not display any identifying information to Intended Parents on our database.

Most importantly – We don’t just rely on technological security. We also restrict access to our database to Intended Parents who we have personally spoken to and accepted into our program. Furthermore, all of these Intended Parents have provided proof from their fertility doctor that they are legitimately seeking an Egg Donor and have provided us with copies of government-issued identification. We make it a priority to know exactly who is on our database, at all times, to ensure your safety and privacy.

  1. How do you screen Intended Parents to make sure my eggs are going to good people?

Knowing that your eggs are going to good people is so important and we don’t take this responsibility lightly! At Fertility Match, we screen Intended Parents as much as we screen the Egg Donors accepted into our program. We know all of our Intended Parents personally by the time they select their Donor and we take the time to make sure that they are good people. Our Intended Parent application is extensive, and we do not accept anyone that we are not comfortable with into our Egg Donation Program.

  1. What is the Egg Donor experience like at the clinics your Agency works with?

While specific medical protocols may vary slightly between clinics, one thing that should be guaranteed is a safe and fulfilling experience for all of their Egg Donors. At Fertility Match, we only work with clinics that we trust to provide this experience to every Donor. We ensure that our Egg Donors are cycling in the best clinics in Canada with attentive and professional medical staff. We make sure that our Egg Donors are comfortable with their clinics at every step of the way and always get feedback from Donors about their experience so we can continue to make their experiences better and better.

  1. What are the benefits to Egg Donors in your program?

Every Egg Donation program is different and at Fertility Match we try our best to be the best. We have the highest reimbursable expenses cap in Canada (up to $8000.00). This means you will be able to claim all of the costs associated with your donation. We make it a point to show our Egg Donors how grateful we are by sending them care packages and making sure that messages of recognition from their Intended Parents are passed along.

Additionally, Fertility Match provides the highest level of support to our Egg Donors of any Agency in Canada. All Donors are provided with our Egg Donation Program Director’s direct number while going through their donation so that any questions or concerns can be addressed, 24/7 – and evenings and weekends, too. We are a phone call or text away while you are going through a donation – in case you need anything!

Becoming an Egg Donor is a big decision! We believe it’s important for every Donor to know that their Agency is there to support them throughout the entire process. At Fertility Match, we take this responsibility and privilege to heart!