If you have spent any time at all on Pinterest – or Facebook – you’ve probably seen at least a few “Gender Reveal Parties”. A few have actually made the news fairly recently for a few reasons, whether it be achieving viral video status (like the several cases of escaping balloons) or dangerous consequences (such as the party involving fireworks that started a wildfire). But these are extreme cases! A small, creative gender reveal party can be a fun, memorable, and sweet event in your pregnancy. Here are some fun (and safe) ideas!




Cupcake reveal

Cupcakes are one of the sweetest (literally!) ways to do a gender reveal! There are two ways to do one; first, have all the cupcakes be blue or pink. This way, everyone finds out at the same time when they bite into the cupcake! The second way to do a cupcake reveal is a little more complicated; only one cupcake has the colour, and the person who gets that cupcake announces to the rest of the guests! For this strategy, it’s best to make only as many cupcakes as you have guests attending, to avoid delays in the reveal!

(Non-helium) balloon box

A balloon reveal is a pretty classic reveal strategy! In this style of reveal, you have blue or pink balloons in a box that you open in front of guests. It’s probably best to avoid helium balloons, to avoid becoming a viral video as you watch your gender balloons float into the great unknown!

Colourful cotton candy

This kind of reveal requires a bit of extra planning and possibly some equipment rental, but it is incredibly cute! You can get many different colours of sugar to make cotton candy; buy the appropriate one and make your first cotton candy to give to baby’s parents in blue or pink while guests look on! You can continue with the same colour or make a rainbow of different cotton candy shades!

Old wives tales

You’ve probably heard many ways to determine gender that aren’t exactly… scientific. The sicker you are, the more likely you’re having a boy. Sweet cravings mean a girl, salty cravings mean a boy. Carrying low means a boy, carrying high means a girl – and many more! You can make these old wives tales into a little question and answer game, and have your guests predict the gender based on your answers – and then reveal at the end of the game whether they were right or wrong!

Scratch cards

This is probably a less well-known gender reveal game, but it can be really fun! There are a few printing companies that will be able to print cute scratch cards that reveal blue or pink as needed. You can get them printed with a special design for your family, or with cute artwork! It’s best to hand these out and have guests scratch them together rather than handing them out as guests arrive; you don’t want anyone to scratch early and spoil the surprise!

Candy piñata

A lot of gender reveals use confetti piñatas, but that isn’t necessarily really environmentally friendly (depending on what the confetti is made of, of course!). A more delicious option is a colour-themed candy piñata! Head over to the bulk shop or dollar store and stock up on blue or pink candy – you can find a piñata at your local party supply store for pretty much any theme. Fill up the piñata with your candy, and whack away!

Cookie reveal

This is pretty similar to a cupcake reveal, but if you prefer cookies to cake this one is for you! You could do fully coloured cookies with food colouring, but a cute way to surprise guests is to do a double icing layer! Put the coloured icing on first, and then layer white icing over top – when guests bite in, they’ll see the cute surprise reveal! Icing tip from the pros – put the cookies in the fridge first and ice them cold. That way the icing colours won’t run or mix!

So, what do you think? Gender reveal parties aren’t for everyone, but they can be a fun and cute way to celebrate your family with friends and loved ones! Would you do any of these gender reveal ideas? Let us know!